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On November 13, 2011, Marie White, creator of the Mary-El Tarot, joined Tarot Tribe: Beyond Worlds to talk about her deck.


You can hear that episode HERE.


Below is the handout to that episode.



 To learn more about Marie and her deck, visit



As the publishing date approaches Marie will be taking pre-orders for signed copies on her website:

And also on her facebook page:

These will be the places to look for updates.

The deck will also be available through Shiffer Books on their website:

It will also be widely available through the regular channels, Amazon, etc.








3 card spread.

Positions: Within, Without and Advice,

but it can be customized for any question or occasion.  




The family is coming for Thanksgiving....

should I hide my tarot/metaphysical stuff?



I would like some insight on growing my healing business.

What are the next steps? What do I need to know?


Do I need  to worry about keeping my job?


  To learn more about Marie and her deck, visit