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On March 4, 2012, Your Tarot Tribe, Beyond Worlds, was honored to have Roxi Sim join us to talk about her brand new activity workbook that is made for her Pearls of Wisdom Tarot deck.


That episode can be heard HERE.


 Below is the handout for that episode. 



Roxi Sim, The Pearls of Wisdom Tarot, A Healing Experience




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The Hierophant V

Write the answers in your journal.

Study the Hierophant card for a few seconds.

1.     What is the very first thing you notice in the card? Write the symbol down along with what it means to you.

Look at the card a little longer.

2.     What do you notice now that you didn’t see before? Write the symbol down along with what it means to you.


Using a large magnifying glass, look at the card again, this time with your attention on the little details, looking for what might be hidden in the depths of the image.

3.    What do you notice now that you are surprised to see is there? Write the symbol down along with what it means to you.


Looking back at the card, specifically follow around the outside rock wall or proscenium of the card. Start at the bottom name flag and work your way around to the right.


  1. Three cherries symbolize?
  2. The pearl studded triangle key with a symbol means?
  3. A gold pearl encrusted plaque with a pearl adorned tassel means?
  4. The Rune Anusuz, means?
  5. The oil burning lamp’s shape and flame symbolizes?
  6. The flag with the Roman Numeral V or number 5 symbolizes?
  7. A second old lamp and flame offers?
  8. The Rune Perth means?
  9. The large red book has symbols that mean?
  10.  Three and four leaf clovers sit beside the book, they symbolize?
  11.  What do the stairs represent?
  12.  His Blue throne symbolizes?
  13.  His cone shaped hat represents?
  14.  His red robe signifies?
  15.  The pillars represent?
  16.  The girl and boy represent?
  17. The blossoming trees signify?
  18.  The Earth Devas symbolize?
  19.  What is the 5th Element and what does it offer?
  20.  His headband signifies?



  1. How does the Hierophant card make you feel? Why?
  2. What issue, in your life at present, could be addressed by your taking on the characteristics of the Hierophant? ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­





The most unique aspects of this workbook are the healing art projects. You will paint with the elements of Fire, Water, Air and Earth to produce magical paintings inspired by the symbolism in the Pearls of Wisdom Tarot. 


 The bright colours are uplifting. The magic of the process will bring out your inner child. Over 400 full colour photos, with instructions, take you, step by step, through the process. On completion, you will have your own 23 card Pearls of Wisdom Tarot inspired deck.
A copy of my new Pearl-Essence deck is included in the Workbook/Journal package.














 Here are two spreads, one of Roxi's inspired by Angeles Angelene, and one of her guest spreads by Bonnie Cehovet.

Spiral spread, by Roxi.



The spiral is a symbol of growth and change. A spiral circles the same point again and again from a higher or in the case of a downward spiral, lower view point. Positive growth is a choice. Changes in lifestyle are needed it starts with changing your viewpoint. Choosing to see your situation from an up spiral viewpoint, will reveal to you the gifts that present themselves through adversity. You may discover deeper and more profound insights and grow in a positive direction. 


  As the cards shuffle, ask yourself the following question “What do I need to know to turn my present life and spiritual growth in a positive up-spiral direction?”  


The cards are laid out counter clockwise in the shape of a large spiral until seven cards are laid out. Card one at the centre, card seven at outside edge. Turn them over in order from one to seven.  


Card number one represents your seeds, your dreams, talents, creativity and resources that can produce positive growth in your life.  Ex. Knight of Cups, go forth with good deeds, help others by bringing  your overflowing healing elixir to others..  


Card number two represents your call to action, you have planted your garden now you need to act by watering your dream seeds so your ideas can germinate and grow using your efforts, creativity and talents. Ex. Page of Swords, it is time to take on bigger responsibilities.  


Card number three represents your patience. It takes time for seeds to grow. Patience is required now, to let your dream seeds grow roots. Ex. 5 Pentacles focus on what you have with optimism that in time your finances will improve.  


Card number four represents your motivation. Planting a seed is but one action.  It takes motivation to continue to tend your dream garden for the time it takes to bring the harvest to fruition.  Ex. 10 Pentacles your family’s well-being is your motivation.  


Card number five represents your relationship with yourself. Your first and most important relationship is with yourself. Nurture yourself first and support your own dreams. Ex. King of Cups is loving, caring and generous, be these to yourself.  


Card number six represents guidance from your Higher Self. When you love yourself, you can open the door to recognising your Higher Self. Ex. Queen of Cups whose love for self and others overflows, bringing peace and love your way.  


Card number seven represents your new direction. Choose to move up spiral, with inner joy and optimism. Allow yourself time to grow and blossom. Ex. Ace of Wands, brings new energy and sets fire underfoot blazing a new path for you.


  A Healing Place, by Bonnie Cehovet 


Shuffle the cards and ask what you need to know regarding your health. Cut the cards and choose one card from each pile as you lay your cards out in the shape of a triangle starting with one and ending at 7.




  1. Where am I in my Emotional world?   Ex. 3 Pentacles, creativity feeds your emotional world and brings a centering of your spirit.
  2. Where am I in my Mental world?   Ex. 8 of Wands, focusing on your mental health and well-being brings new energy.
  3. Where am I in my Physical world?  Ex. 8 Swords, bound by circumstance, you feel stuck at a standstill. Relax, there is a way out, the answer is on the wind.
  4. Where am I in my Spiritual world?  Ex. 9 Wands, you have overcome obstacles and understand more will appear on your path to your destiny and wholeness.
  5. What do I need to release?  Ex. 10 cups celebrations with friends allow you to release your inhibitions as you dance with wild abandon.
  6. What do I need to embrace?  Ex. 7 Swords, your shadow side, perhaps there is a good reason the man steals the swords.
  7. What action will bring balance to my four worlds?  Ex. 9 Swords dropping the dead roses of sorrow, the agony of pain and suffering and following the pearls of wisdom toward the light. Let go of the past and the pain and step towards the light.



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