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I am excited to announce that I will be doing private readings by appointment at 

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531 Main Street, Sturbridge, Massachusetts USA 

Saturday, June 3rd, 2023. 

Readings are in a private room, with rates as follows:

15 minutes = $35
30 minutes = $70
  60 minutes = $120

Call Gina at 774-490-9070 to reserve your appointment.

I am not currently available for email or phone readings.


I have been truly blessed by the people I have met around the world through my workFrom Australia to India, from the UK to Canada, from Sweden to Japan, from Africa to Iran, and from Germany to the USA, I've had the privilege of working through Spirit with amazing people living real lives. Below are just a few of the wonderful responses I've received from clients with whom I've had the privilege of working.



    I have taught many people the art of angel communication and Donnaleigh's gift is off the charts. She has the ability to hear spirit guide and angel messages clearly and completely. I recently received her depiction of my angel, Arianna, and both the drawing and her reading were absolutely breathtaking. I highly recommend Donnaleigh's Spirit Guide Portraits. I promise you will be amazed!

~ Rev. Nina Roe, Founder



Hi Jean,

I only have a moment, but just had to thank you for the referral to the tarot reader at the Plum Room (Donnaleigh). Without exaggeration, she is the best reader I have ever experienced.  She knows her cards, her runes, everything at a master level.  I was absolutely in awe. 

Mom and I went in planning on 1/2 hour readings to check it out, but both got an hour and would do it again in a second. Have a reading, but if you can, take something with you to record it. 

She has so much to say you don't want to forget any of it.

Wow, that's all I can say.

Thanks again.

, Massachusetts (used with permission)



"....when you read for me regarding my daughter a few years back, it was seriously the most connected (wrong word, but hopefully you know what I mean) reading I've ever gotten. I'm sure you've done a million readings since and don't remember, but everything you said, which made me feel so much better in the moment, ended up being so spot on. She has since graduated from (university) and is now applying to grad school."

Melissa, United States



For future reference ~ are  your phone readings as detailed as your written ones?   

The level of details in the readings are amazing!  

Love & Light,  

Denise H. Vancouver, BC  



I still rave about the reading you did for me.  It was the most insightful and clear reading I've ever gotten...ever.

Pamela Steele, Tarot Master, and Creator of the Steele Wizard Tarot Deck


"Just had a GREAT reading with Donnaleigh de LaRose. Great to see what the cards have to say for 2013. I love when a reading is helpful by giving you good news, but also warnings---helps to be forewarned and avoid some of the little things that can trip you up. If you want a great Tarot reading that is very uncanny and accurate, you should check her out. She's VERY accurate (she once told me on a date I was going to lose big money on it and I was like HOW the heck is that going to happen when we are going to Starbucks----I ended up losing my wallet with $500 cash!)."

Celebrity Psychic Medium, Thomas John


 "This  is what  the Tarot world needs, 
less  mysterious old Gypsy lady, more  rock star.  
 People often ask, where  will/should the Tarot go 
in the  new century.   Now I know.  
Rock star!   Larry King show!  Oprah!   Donnaleigh!"
~ Rachel Pollack,
Tarot Icon, Author, and International Tarot Teacher
(speaking of our Beyond Worlds Tarot podcast )

 It took my therapist 10 years to uncover what you just uncovered in 10 minutes.

~ Elizabeth, CT



Wow! That was the most interesting reading I have ever had!! And very, very helpful.  I love that deck!  And, the way you present the information is very understandable and relative to me.   I found the advice interesting. Thank you so much!!!        ~J

Luigi K




   Thank you so much for the reading. I would like to say that the reading was exactly what I am going through. You are the first person where I have responded to their reading like this. Your reading was right to the point.  
~ I
hi there! wow!!! this reading was just soo wow!! there were those
 words you used here which were just so "exact" to the real situation.



 Hi Donnaleigh,

 I just cannot believe how much this reading and picture has impacted me.  

   Thank you for this wonderful, beautiful gift.  It truly means a great deal more than words can express.


Margaret, Massachusetts
Hello, Donnaleigh, 
I really appreciated how patient you were with my questions, and I truly feel renewed,  like I have more insight and that I'm on the right track . I would definitely feel remiss if I didn't at least let you know how accurate you were with my reading.
You also  helped me confirm  that we are all divinely connected to each other, for the greater good.   I can't thank you enough for your kindness, and I noticed that kindness in your eyes,   when I found your web-site in my search for spiritual awareness almost a year ago. I actually put off deciding if I wanted a reading, but I'm glad that I  had my reading. I felt your integrity and truth.   I salute the divinity in you, and your work.
 Take care always, Donnaleigh .


Thank you Donnaleigh! 
This reading was well worth the wait. It was more than I could ever have imagined. You have an absolutely wonderful gift, thank you for what you do.  I will be forever grateful for this reading.
I started crying after the first paragraph.   I know that it was from sparks of remembered subconcious memories.  It is going to take several readings for me to decode all that the message contains. 
I am definitely going to refer people your way. 
Thank you again Donnaleigh.  I'm so happy. :-)
Many Blessings and Namaste,
~Tracy N., Florida
Oh my word how can i ever thank you!
You have taken my breath away! This is such an accurate reading!
My heart feels like bursting and it has surely eased my anxiety.
You will be in my prayers tonight and always.
Many thanks again for the pure light work that you do!
Please read the poem that I put on my page yesterday,
for you will always have a place in my heart for the ease you have brought me.
~ Jackie



Hi Donnaleigh,

I just read through the (e-mail) reading you did for me in July.  I love that I have the file and can re-read it.  I am in a different place now than I was then, so I was able to receive guidance now that I missed before.  It is so incredibly accurate.

Thank you so much for doing that, going above and beyond like you did.  I can feel another reading coming on (lol) so will be contacting you soon.  If you are up for it, I think I'd like to do it this way again.

Take care, and thanks again sincerely.

Amy S, Massachusetts



You are truly gifted my friend. 
Words can not express my gratitude. I 
needed this at the exact moment I opened this.
I can't tell u the depth of my gratitude.  
 Sue, Connecticut USA 




....your wisdom and talents can be life-changing! 

 ~ JoAnne C.




Hi Donnaleigh, Hope this message finds you well! 

Again, your reading has turned out to be most uncanny.  I am sure you have been told umpteen times, but I'll say it again - you are extraordinarily gifted


~  Denise H, Canada



 My reading was quite accurate.  Donnaleigh was able to reveal the fundamental aspects of my life. This helped me to focus my goals, alleviate my fears and begin moving in the right direction.  I have already begun to incorporate some of the suggestions made.   Donnaleigh has a great gift and I feel blessed to know her. 

This has been life changing for me. 

Lynn, Massachusetts, USA



Wow, I am blown away by the reading. It was totally worth the wait. The reading was very good.

 This is just so wonderful. Thank you so much. I will read and reread this many times over. It really made so much sense to me. Thank you again for making this happen.

 I am so glad you do the work you were meant to do. It's been an honor to connect with you, and even though we have not met in person, I do consider you a dear friend. Every day I am shown something that proves we are all connected in this world, Otherwise how on earth would I have even found you. Thanks again Donnaleigh

 Sending Blessings,

Jenny S, Texas, USA




Hi Donnaleigh

Thank you for my portrait it is fantastic.

Funny thing is I have seen this face before but thought she was Indian.

Thank you again for Matiya-osho and the reading which was very accurate.

Love Glyns, psychic medium, UK




Hi Donnaleigh, I wanted to update you (from the tarot reading you gave me regarding two jobs) 
I didn't get the one you said would be bad for me and I was just offered the one you said would turn out well! 

Thanks again,
Talk soon,



 I have read over your reading several times now because it is just so jam-packed full of useful information. I want to get the most out of it. Your responses to my emails have been very kind and uplifting. If you practice even a portion of the empathy that I sense from your writing, you are indeed a spiritual person... I wish very much to cultivate such in myself.

Knowing me, I'll probably send in another request for a reading next month. I will endeavor to pay forward what I have received. Anyway, I really want to thank you again. There are some interesting things going on in my life and you are no small part of the re-awakening.

 ~ Donald


  Thank you so much for the wonderful advice. 

This is probably the best advice 
someone has ever given me.
I will definitely get things moving so that I can get 
where I need to be in life. God bless.
~ Marie

 Wow you are a spectacular artist I just love love love what you do!!
The reading was incredible and "Right on" with everything happening right now.
I am just amazed. He does know me very well !!!"
~ Lisa Meninno, Ipswich, MA 
Thank you!  What an awesome and intense experience.  I've already read it
like 3 times!  There's so much to take in.  :-)  You have a beautiful
gift.  Thanks for sharing it and enlightening others. 

Stay well,
Darren, Massachusetts

 well.... I must say you almost killed is the third day I read
your reading...!!! I couldn't reply!!!!
you couldn't be more correct about it...!!!
you are not an ordinary are a very very good psychic...!!!!!
I am shocked.
I read the reading over and over
~ S.K., India 
  "Donnaleigh, I read your article in the latest American Tarot Association's
 Journal and thought it was wonderful. 
What an amazing experience and so well told. 
It's one of the best articles that I've read in a long time. 
I couldn't stop reading and was so impressed by the compassion 
and insight you showed."
 ~ Legendary tarot author and teacher, my idol,
Mary K. Greer 

 What a beautiful reading Donnaleigh!  
I never expected so much!  I am in awe, really. 
I don't know how to thank you enough
and I know I will be looking at this over and over again for a while, as it all soaks into me. 
You have a great talent there and I feel honored that you gifted me with this.  God Bless you!

~Nancy, New York
Hello Donnaleigh,
I just wanted to let you know that your reading was incredibly meaningful for me and I even cried as I read it. Thank you for responding so quickly and being so open with your time and energy. This was one of the best readings I have ever had and has helped me a great deal. I have no doubt about your dedication and true talent! Thank you so much!!!
Anya :)
Dear Donnaleigh,
I can not thank you enough for helping me learn Tarot.  For a while now, I have been reading books and studying the cards to learn, but it wasn't until you sat down with me that everything started clicking and making sense.  You have stoked a fire in my soul that was just smoldering, struggling not to go out.  This is part of what I am meant to do on my journey to help others, I am now sure of that.  You are an amazing teacher; patient, intuitive, honest, and kind.  You are my Hermit!  I learn something valuable from you every time we meet.  I am thankful every day that our paths crossed when they did. 
Namaste, my friend.


The reading was outstanding.  There were so many points that you touched upon that were spot on.  I especially must thank you for addressing my pressing questions about work.  I feel more at peace knowing she will be with me through the changes ahead.    
.. my prayers have finally been answered.  Thank you for sharing your gift with the world; it is needed! 
This truly was an exceptional reading, and I would gladly recommend you.
Many blessings,
Leonor, MA, USA



 Thank you very much for your reading! I can't believe how accurate you are.

Everything you said made sense. I was losing confidence in my own feelings

..... your reading has made me see clearly again.

I can't thank you enough! Best wishes.



I spoke to Danny yesterday. He is thrilled with his reading. He says the reading is so accurate and meaningful and he can really relate to it. You have done it again my friend. You are amazing. 
Keep up the good work. Blessings!
Lynn, Spencer, MA 



You are amazing. I am in awe. Thank you so much for your honest answers. I really appreciate your time and patience with me. Thank you so much for the amount of energy and thought you invested in my case. I cannot thank you enough. I will definitely keep you posted.


It is amazing that you can see and connect to my situation so well without even seeing or asking me for any facts or birth facts about myself. That is quite awesome. I almost curious to know how you do that.

~ Winnie




Thank you!! 

 Okay...I now have a headache from crying.  Seriously, I was crying and then laughing and then crying again.  So many things have become more clear, and some of these words are things that I have "heard" or "felt"...that is the only way I know how to describe it. 

 I don't think I can express to you enough how this reading really and truly touching on every single thing that is going on in my life and what has happened in my life.

 Yes everything written is directed towards exactly what I am going through.  Even at the end with nutrition!!! LOL!!!  I have been worrying lately because I eat absolutely horribly and have been trying to lose weight. My reading is right about my letting things go, self-love, forgiveness, needing "organization"...basically everything. This is exactly what I needed right now and everything that was said to me is so very true.  THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!!



Oh, Donnaleigh!  Thank you so much for this beautiful gift!  You are a beautiful person, and I am truly honored to have received this wonderful reading.  I can't express how much this means to me!  It resonates in my heart, and I am so grateful!  It is absolutely beautiful! 

Blessings to you and thank you!!

 I scooted over to B's house earlier (after her reading), I wish you could have seen her: she was filled with gratitude and peace. I have never seen her looking so serene and grounded... so that makes TWO of us that are grateful to you! The best part was her saying that everything you told her were things she already knew inside, it was already there... she thought you were the MOST amazing thing ever and she feels empowered as can be!!!!!! :))

 Irene, Spencer, MA



Thank you so very much for this reading insight and love. It has empowered me and encouraged me to embrace each and every new day with fresh confidence and assurance that my Higher Power and His Angels are aware of me and my personal desire and needs. You have blessed a needed soul and heart this day.


I know God uses people because He uses me and I am generally the person encouraging and uplifting others. It feels marvelous to be on the receiving end. 


This was my first reading but I assure you it will not be my last.

Thank you so much.

  ~ lindap3d



 Ohhhhh Donnaleigh,
Are there words to describe what I felt and still feel?  I think not!   I tell you I 
just cried (and laughed) through the whole reading as its content is exactly
"me". I could not believe it! It is beautiful! Someone knows the deepest
within me and understands it! And it cleared up so much of the "murkiness" of
it all. I am so elated and grateful to you for helping me on my soul path and assisting my movement through life in
this physical realm.

I have a lot of work to do but I understand I need to take it slow, and continue to
educate myself spiritually. see the signs and synchronicities and enjoy the
journey! Although there's so much more to it, that is it in a nutshell so to
speak. I'm going to read and reread and follow the multitude of advice and be
inspired daily by the words and love that you have brought to me. I'm sooooo Happy!

Everything that you said is true for me. I'm so blessed and awed!
Thank you, Thank you, Donnaleigh and I love you!
Deborah W., CT
Dear Donnaleigh,
Thank you very much for giving me a clear insight about  the situation. I need to thank you because it was very much helpful & it echoed my fears clearly . The reading was bang on.. Great work ! Thanks a ton!
with warm regards & gratitude


  Thank you thank you thank you. An ability to let go and move 

on. Once I get my printer working I could spend the rest of my life re-reading 
- Susan, CT

After a reading from the Free Reading Network:

 Donna Leigh, do you do readings for pay outside of (this work), because if you don't, seriously consider it....that reading was absolutely amazing.  T.L.




 You're absolutely amazing and very accurate.  You are very gentle in your manner and very clear and concise.

I feel so moved every time I read what you've written. You're amazing! You're a wonderful gift to us all and I hope you can continue to help us as long as you feel you want to.

 This was exactly what I needed to hear and the message came at the right moment for me! Thank you once again! May your angels shine their wonderful light on you, always.
Blessings, Gloria 


Fabulous, Donnaleigh!  ..your genuine caring shines throughout.   Our reading session was so helpful to really freed me to accept what life was offering me.  My house is a loving home once again...not just a place filled with memories.  I was afraid to commit myself, afraid of getting hurt, and also concerned because of health.  He treats me like a queen.  We certainly are a very good match for each other in so many ways.  The reading also identified concerns with my house as well as with work. Again, thank you, Donnaleigh.  You've found your niche...what you are meant to be doing.  That doesn't always happen!!  I wish you much success and fulfillment!

~N, NY


Thank you so much for the comforting words. Thank you for reassuring me ... and I'm sure that whatever will come will be the very best for me.....:-)   Thank you again for the wonderful and caring advice and reading from you.
~ C


 Thank you so much! Both readings are correct you know!

You are doing wonderful work.     ~W  







You have done it again and for that I am grateful.
The clarity, guidance, love, and connection I needed was again transmitted
through you. You are a gifted soul and woman.
I was not sure about the camera/photography vision
but the next day my boss handed me
his digital camera to take a photo of one of our patients.
I was standing in awe and he was wondering why I was having a personal moment.

My wings are spread, my mind, body, and soul are open.





Thanks so much.  You are right, this should be interesting, especially with regard to the amount of personal growth I will do by then.  I do believe that the cards were right on about everything.

You are great at what you do. I really appreciate how right on you are. 

 Take Care




Thank you very much for the wonderful reading. You come across as a caring individual who knows her Tarot. I have been studying informally for years but have never quite gotten the knack of reading without the aid of a text in hand. Reading for myself is also difficult if not impossible. Your assistance has been appreciated.

~ D


Hello Donnaleigh,


I really appreciate your prompt reading! Thanks a lot!  

I just want to comment that you are ultra accurate! Thanks for doing this reading for me, you have been a great help!  ~Z  





After your reading I got so many compliments about looking good (I know it was my energy). People thought I had a new relationship,  but it is fresh revelation. I'm soaring and flowing and feel myself again. I was so stuck and clogged, trying to make something out of nothing. I knew it and just had a hard time of letting go and letting God.

I am all good. You confirmed that for me and I am grateful.

WOW!!! JUST WOW!!!!!!!!!

Dear Donnaleigh you hit it right on the nose!


I can not believe it!

You knew the situation very well and gave me several

things exactly true about me.

You are a straight-shooter, right to the point.

You gave me good and accurate insight,

and you spend time when you are answering.

You knew information about me and my situation

without any hints and told me exactly what

I needed to know. Words can't describe

how accurate this reading was.

You eliminated all of my doubts about the

right path I should choose.

Thank you for the most wonderful reading.

It was awesome.


I really enjoyed talking to you and I appreciate the advice.

Thanks a million.  


Nina S. ~Iran



Dear Donnaleigh ~ Words cannot convey how thankful I
am for the reading - it touched many resonant chords. Thank you for
sharing the beautiful gift of healing and going above and beyond the
call of duty.
I meant to tell you and now I am compelled to do the reading, you wrote that you heard the
word, "can."  I kept saying to my husband, "I don't know if I can
do this."  Now, you have written this again.  This was just
one of several meaningful synchronicities in the reading.  You may have
well been told a plentitude of times that you have a sacred gift - and I feel it
important to add one more voice to the chorus. 
Denise, Canada



And below is a very special, very detailed testimonial I received on an Angel Portrait with a channeled message from this client's Angel. I am humbled by this wonderful testimonial and grateful that she was so kind to write this and allow me to share this with you here:



I am lost for words, I cannot tell you what you have just done for me.  When I saw her, I just looked into her eyes and felt like they were my own, then I looked at all of her and I said, she looks just like me.  My son came by and I said, Honey look at what Donnaleigh drew for me, this is an angel that she saw with me and talked to her?. He said to me, mom that looks just like YOU, exactly, except she has curly hair.  I cannot believe it Donnaleigh, her eyes,     ARE MY EYES????

 You are an incredible soul Donnaleigh!!  This gift that you have remembered that you have is PRICELESS!!!    And her message goes along with the reading I got yesterday from my partner, not to mention that this is how I have been feeling lately and wondering what is wrong with me lately, not being able to move forward, feeling stuck.


I am in such awe, I cannot even describe to you, I have never felt like this before.


 I would like to frame her and put her on my wall right next to me in my office.  I have made a copy of it and put it on my brochure paper, so I can look at her when I want to.


  I would like to find a way to make ?stuff? out of this pic, like a keychain, coffee mug, t-shirt, not literally this stuff but something I can have with me all the time with her on it.


Donnaleigh, I think you may have opened a block for me that I have been asking to be opened, just by receiving this pic and hearing her message.


I can feel her love when I read this message and look at her face, she brings me to tears??.


I am reading The Power of the Soul by John Holland as we speak and I just started the book.  I was just coming up to bed after reading about doing this special meditation that he loves and does all the time and how to connect with your soul, then I come up here to check my email and sign off for the night and there is this message from you, your timing was unbelievable Donnaleigh!


  I am going to work on finding out her name, thank you for the starter on it. I just got a strong sense that it is Sheena, what a beautiful name!  I love it!!


I hope I can connect to her and feel her calming energy as you have.  I will meditate and call on her so I may experience her as well.


Thank you,  thank you?.. thank you Donnaleigh, from the bottom of my heart, I am more grateful than you will ever know!






on my 

My podcast was voted by the community as Outstanding  Cartomancy Website of 2012 by The Academy of Cartomancy Arts and Science in the 2012 Pecto Awards. Thank you!

Beyond Worlds Tarot Tribe also won Outstanding Cartomancy Website for 2013 by the Academy of Cartomancy Arts and Sciences (Pecto Awards),
and Donnaleigh was surprised with an Honorary Award for "her fantastic contribution to the tarot community both domestic and foreign."

Rachel Pollack, tarot legend, author, and tarot teacher says of the show:
"This is what the Tarot world needs, less mysterious old Gypsy lady, more rock star. People often ask, where will/should the Tarot go in the new century. Now I know. Rock star!  Larry King show! Oprah! Donnaleigh!"
On December 18, 2010,
the hosts of
Beyond Worlds were awarded
"Joint Tarosophists of the Year
for 2010"
for bringing "professional and leading edge content over the year." Press release HERE.
We were nominated by 75% of all voters, and this prestigious award by Marcus Katz' voters was presented to us on air quite by surprise by the esteemed Lon Milo DuQuette.
Marcus wrote:  

(Beyond Worlds has...) consistently produced an educational, wide-ranging, contemporary, relevant, fun, accessible, professional and well-produced online radio show for Tarot. Their guests have included Lon Milo Duquette, Rachel Pollack, Mary K. Greer, and I personally discovered how friendly and professional they were as hosts when I appeared on the show during the year.

Donnaleigh's infectious enthusiasm and courteous questioning gets the best out of every guest, supported by Theresa's no-nonsense approach and Georgianna's down-to-earth authenticity. As a group, they are the ideal "four suits" of a full deck and demonstrate the diverse heart of the Tarot.


 Those voting often referred to the show as "dynamic", "refreshing", "innovative", "constantly curious", "educational" and "meaningful", all the qualities for this well-deserving TAROSOPHIST OF THE YEAR AWARD. We truly applaud them and look forwards to their exciting projects in 2011.  

Beyond Worlds was honored to receive
The Best Tarot Podcast of 2010 and 2011
Best Tarot Podcasts 2011 ~  Beyond Worlds has a whole new crew but they are consistently delivering solid tarot education.  Each week, host Donnaleigh and her tarot friends entertain, teach and help you to grow your tarot skills with the best that tarot has to offer. "
See other "Best of Tarot 2011" recipients HERE.
Best Tarot Podcasts 2010 ~ Beyond Worlds ( is THE premier podcast for tarot education.  Bringing the best that tarot has to offer, week after week host Donnaleigh continues to grow her show to dazzling new levels and help us to stretch our tarot wings in the process.  If you want to learn how to read, this is the first place to pull up a chair."
See other "Best of Tarot 2010" recipients HERE.

"Donnaleigh is a shining star in the tarot firmament. She consistently offers the best and most timely radio interviews that help keep everyone up-to-date with new developments. She introduces us to the most influential and interesting people who are contributing to the field. As a guest on her show I felt incredibly welcome and appreciated her knowledgeable questions and enthusiastic facilitation. I've also read several articles by her which are articulate, humorous and thoughtful as well as being very well-written. She is professional yet accessible. I highly recommend her for any professional interactions." 


Mary K. Greer, Tarot Legend and Author


Lon Milo DuQuette wrote, "I was honored to 'honor' you with this award. Congratulations to you, Theresa and all at Beyond Worlds. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to spiritual art (and art form) Tarot. Thanks for having me on the show. Love, Lon"
Voted Best Tarot Podcast, 2011, by tarotist Hilary Parry of
Best Tarot Podcast: Beyond Worlds consistently offers the best information for a tarot reader and a variety of topics, hands down. And the amusing discussion in the chat room while the live show is going on is also not to be missed (yes, I am the most inappropriate person in the chat room ~ fair warning!).

Voted the Best of Tarot for 2012 by Hilary Parry of
for both Best Tarot Blog as well as Best Tarot Podcast.

Hilary writes:

Best Tarot Podcast ~Again, Beyond Worlds is above par; if you are a reader looking to up your game, you should be listening to Beyond Worlds!

Best Tarot Blog ~ Besides mine? Well, okay. Divine Whispers by Donnaleigh de la Rose ~she tackles subjects that most tarot readers fear to dip their proverbial toes into. She's not afraid to get to the deep stuff, and oftentimes these are her most compelling articles. For an example of this, "The Best and Worst in You." She also is the main reason I am now going to attempt to learn Lenormand ("Choosing Your First Lenormand Deck") and who can resist trying out a crafting project or two? Donnaleigh's blog has it all, and she is an absolute sweetheart to boot!

Thank you, Hilary!

Patrick Valenza, creator of the
Deviant Moon Tarot

Hello Donnaleigh! What a fantastic show you have! I just listened to the podcast
and you have a new fan of the show! Thanks for having the Deviant Moon cards on!

All the best,

Dear Donnaleigh,
Thank you for your interest in my Lenormand! It's lovely you contacted me because I was long planning to drop you a line, actually - your teaching videos have been tremendously helpful to me in the past months. I thank you SO MUCH for them, they are wonderful, they are an inspiration!

Klaffinger, Austria
Creator of the Anna K Tarot


Bill Tarot wrote:
 "Donnaleigh de LaRose, is my Tarot Oprah. Along with her other hosts on , she's brought all the people listed above to my iPod. Because of the show, they were no longer just names on a dust jacket.
I can honestly say that everything I know about Tarot can somehow be traced back to her in some shape or form."

Hi Donnaleigh!
I just wanted to send a personal thank you and how grateful I am you are allowing us to download your Tarot Minutes.  The interesting thing about it is------while I was listening to Karigan's show I thought to myself (gee, I wish Donnaleigh would sell her Tarot Minutes as a class once she has went through the whole deck). 
Then, during your Saturday show, you announced we could download them.  WOW! 
I was so surprised!  It was like a beautiful wrapped personal gift!  THANK YOU!!!!
  I love the Tarot Tribe you and others are creating and it is not only educating, it is humorous!
You, Leisa and Robert Place are my 'Tarot Rock Stars' as you all have given me the ability to learn and study the Tarot, not to mention all the fun, laughs and entertainment!  It means a lot to a person that does not have this type of information available where they live. 
I thank you again for all you give and share.  It is highly appreciated!
Happy Trails and Forever Blessings,
Debi Scott

 Kim in Australia wrote:
I just want to send you a big thank you. You don't know it but you were my only line to my spiritual side this year. I was doing an intense University course that took so much of my time that the only spiritual part I had was listening to your podcasts. I got them on my iPod and played them in my car on the way to University and other places. Sometimes I responded to your what does this image make you think of posts on Facebook. But I just realised that if I don't thank you, you won't know.
BIG MASSIVE THANK YOU! From the bottom of my heart.
Your podcasts really just kept my toe in the water when I didn't have time for anything else. So now when I pick up my cards again hopefully they will be like I never put them down.
"I put all of the Beyond Worlds lessons on my iPod and listen to them while I'm driving and cleaning (I even fall asleep to them at night). It is the best produced and most consistent podcast that I have found. I listen to the archives every day."
NYC Tarot Professional, Angelo Nasios:
"Hey I wanted to shoot you a quick email. Yesterday how you mentioned that the Tarot Connection was one of your first intros to the tarot community. That is how I felt, too. I first went to the ______ forums but that felt impersonal, people with user names and not real names, and not hearing or seeing them felt odd. Once I found the Tarot Connection I heard someone's voice; there was great content and it was addicting lol.
I felt a part of a community. Now that I found your show (how the hell did I so late! lol)
it has taken it to another level.I feel a part of something more so because it is LIVE and I can chat and interact with others, plus I laugh my ass off with the s*** that people say. Any way long story short, Thank you for doing your show it is nice to have a "Home" away from home. :)  You guys are providing top notch tarot education and entertainment."
Linette, Tarot Reader from
I think without your amazing efforts the tarot community would be much the poorer. I'm even further impressed that even when times have been tough for you, you've kept the community in mind and come back to give further.  So many podcasts falter in only a few months, and yet you've made something enduring and inspirational, and you continue to spend time and energy nurturing, educating, and sharing with us tarot lovers across the globe.   To put it simply, you ROCK, Donnaleigh!  I know that sometimes we only get to hear the complaints and frustrations people have, so I want you to know that I'm sure I speak for many people in my thanks to you. :)

Debi Scott, Tarot Enthusiast:

Hi Donnaleigh!
  I love the Tarot Tribe you and others are creating and it is not only educating, it is humorous!
You have the best Tarot education on the Web! I listen and have listened to many podcasts! I also have to add Leisa's and Dena's to the best list. It seems to me you are drawing the best and caring guests because of where you are taking Tarot. You are elevating and deepening it to the spiritual, self discovery, self help and help for others. You, Leisa and Robert Place are my 'Tarot Rock Stars' as you all have given me the ability to learn and study the Tarot, not to mention all the fun, laughs and entertainment!  It means a lot to a person that does not have this type of information available where they live.
  I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all the work and time you are putting into the content and format of your shows! It is just astounding what I am  learning. I can't even find the words to describe the joy it brings me. I can feel the care and generosity in every show. Don't ever let anyone discourage you in the path you are on as it is going to take you  to great places, inside and out because you are doing it from the heart.   Can't lose on that path!  
 What sums up how I feel about all you have done and are doing? Wait, let me pull a card............The ACE of Wands, a new passion for Tarot and all associated with it!  

I thank you again for all you give and share.  It is highly appreciated!

Just thought I'd drop you a quick line to say how much I love your YouTube videos and podcasts. I've spent hours listening and watching so far and haven't scratched the surface of the material you have available. I especially love your stuff on Lenormand. As there's not a lot out there for Lenormand in English your videos have been invaluable to me.

Dunfermline, Scotland

Ferol Humphrey,  Director of Living Tarot Network& Originator of Living Tarot Method:
"...As far as I am concerned, you and Thalassa Therese and Marcus Katz are the next fastest moving supertrain of Tarot. You are carrying the work forward beyond tradition...
Karen Borusiewicz, Professional Tarot Consultant:
The shows are so much better than the radio, so keep them coming!
When Leisa stopped doing podcasts I thought I was going to end up listening to the radio again - BORING!
Love the show! 
~Sherry in Tennesee:
"...the various podcast interviews with artists sent me over the edge, LOL!
Some of the older ones have been like a treasure hunt to find.

I am wanting to start really studying (the cards) now, instead of just admiring the art. I like h
ow one of your tag lines says, "Come learn with me". Really nice. It makes it very welcoming to people who may get overwhelmed. I must say, I never would have thought there was so much to learning Tarot, before I started checking into it.

Oh, and enjoyed tonight's show...
it is going to be one that I have to listen to over and over,
slowly, with my iPod."
"Love it that your videos are so free from unnecessary stuff, 
so straight to the point, so full of great info, just like Lenormand itself." 
- Comment from YouTube viewer, Lalagonegaga.


Hi Donnagleigh, I'm living here in Ireland and I came across you about a month ago on blog radio and I just love your show. I just love both tarot and all forms of spirituality and healing. I had moved away from the tarot and healing over the past year after my father passed away but listening to your show has helped me greatly and I thank you.

I started to look at the tarot again over the past couple of weeks. Not actually using the cards but reading about them and listening to your radio blogs. Nice and gentle! Again, thank you for your wonderful shows and for being a beacon of light to so many people out there.
~ John in Ireland

Well, I just wanted to mail you to say something. I know we don't chat much on a personal level, but you have helped me so very much over the past 12 months to read the Lenormand cards. Thanks Donnaleigh, you really have inspired me to learn with your videos and your daily draws on the FB group. I'd rather watch and learn than sometimes make myself known in the groups lol

Thanks again,
hugs, Martyn.

-Martyn Williams, UK

I just finished the first class and I want to thank you so much for this resource. I've taken notes, replayed parts I missed. No doubt about it, I'm an avid listener here! I started to feel a little disconnected and since reading is what I do for a living, I will be coming back to the podcasts every chance I get. Thanks again!!  xo
~ Nora Jones

Dearest Donnaleigh,

I want to let you know that I learned to read Tarot & Lenormand with you and your shows/videos. And I want to thank you for making my life more magical and divine.

May the Goddess give you many blessings of happiness.

I am thankful for your patience, creativity, love, and kindness.

~Aphrodite Le Fay (from Brazil)

~ Tarotist Vesta's Wind says:
"I am really excited to have so much wonderful discussion at my fingertips. Thanks Donnaleigh, for making Tarot so easily accessible to those who cannot afford to attend pricey classes, etc.
Blessings to you."


"Enjoying your classes. Everything I know about tarot I learned from you.

Thank you for everything you do."


~ Rebecca R.M.


Brightest Yuletide blessings to you and your family Donnaleigh from the UK. Thank you for all the guidance you have given me and others regarding our Tarot & Lernormand:) You've got me back onto my Tarot readings again. I listen to ur podcasts every night. Are you making any more on the Majors? Last ones were the threes. Would love to hear the fours:) Xxx

Tricia May Hazim, UK.

Hi there,

I have been listening to your podcast via iTunes for a few months now and it's really a comfort to know there are like minded people out there. I have been studying tarot for about 12 years, though the last year has been very intensive. That's where your show has come in. I've learned so much and have been introduced to so many helpful avenues by you and your guests.

Thank you for following your inspiration to create this talk show. It really feels like a lighthouse guiding all of us ships as we travel the seas of life. 
You've been a huge help to me.


Angela Trout

I just got my first Lenormand deck last week and started watching your videos. 

Thanks to you, I had the whole deck numbers/images memorized in an hour. The next morning I woke up and said them all out loud to my hubby and he was amazed. I just want to say "thank you dear sister" for helping a newbie take her first steps down the path, :c ) 

~ Beth Henry

First: I would like to say, that I love your show. It's fabulous, my "must listen to". I'm subscribed to it on Itunes and I enjoy every single episode!
Best wishes for you and the crew!
Your faithful listener,
 Kate Likszo
"Beyond Worlds is one of the best sources of free information on tarot there is. So, if you have internet access but you are on a terrible budget, don?t have money to travel for conferences or in-person classes, Beyond Worlds is the perfect place to learn more about tarot from the most respected people I know. Where else can you get a free education from authorities on the topic? Did I mention free?" 
Marcia McCord
Tarot Reader and Tarot Deck Creator

"I have found you and the Beyond Worlds podcast very inspirational. It has been a big help to me in the last 2 years where my tarot reading is concerned. I want to thank you for being an inspiration and putting together Beyond Worlds. It's the best tarot show out there." 
Scott Bryant, Tarotist
I've been catching up on all your podcasts while driving to and from work. It's an awesome training experience, and I feel like I have friends in the car with me.   Thanks to you I now have Konxari, limited edition Gaian, Alchemical, Sevenfold Mysteries (majors), Pearls of Wisdom ~ need I go on??

And just wanted to thank you for turning me onto something new to love and search for Lenormand decks!

 In the meantime, congratulations on your 3rd anniversary!  So deserving.

 Bright blessings to you. Take care... hope I can see you one day soon.

Bright blessings to you.

Tarotist Dale Howard



"I just wanted to tell you that I've been pretty much obsessed with learning about tarot for the last few weeks. I don't have anyone I can talk to about it except my friend, Tracy. I tried registering at Aeclectic's tarot forum, but they aren't accepting new regular members right now.

Anyway, I had bought a deck quite some time ago but got overwhelmed with learning the card meanings. When you posted a link to the Beyond World Tarot Intensives classes last month (the female threes) I tuned in, and it was so interesting and helpful, so I picked them up again and even bought a 2nd deck."
Siddaleah in Seattle

 I am so happy i came across your radio station, listening to the tribe has truly opened my eyes. I'm still on the Major Arcana, but have learned so much from your discussions. Looking forward to all the classes.

Karen Alcorn, USA

Hi Donnaleigh!

Love love love Tarot Tribe
!  I stumbled on this and I can't get enough.  I am really enjoying going through the archive and listening to all your past shows! I work at a desk all day so your archive has totally helped me get through my days :)

Thanks so much Donnaleigh and I look forward to your next show!


My Lenormand World has just? been the Sylvie Stienbach book Secrets of the Lenormand Oracle, and that's it, I don't come from a Lenormand family or Country, I don't know anyone who knows about Lenormand. If anything Lenormand found me when I needed it most. The only spread that I connect with and get answers with, and she has ONLY one page on is the Grand Tableau.

I am really glad I'v found your Channel by the way. (FINALLY)

I love your work!

- Stephen O'Neill

You are also known in Belgium with your video's!!
Keep up the good work!
Björn Meuris

Really amazing how the cards spoke! Your videos are my favorite to watch and i learned soooo much about lenormand reading. Ive had decks for a year but never clicked till i learned from you.

Sitara Rani


I just wanted to thank you for all that you do with respect to Tarot and Lenormand education. You give so generously of your time and talent. You are not afraid to live big and inspire others. You are probably the most gracious and kind person that I have met in the Tarot community.
 Thank you again!

With gratitude,

Maggie Lukowski, of Maggie Moon Tarot

Just wanted to say "thank you" for your videos. This study buddy has learned so much. I now know the cards forward, backward and vice-versa. I could not believe that I got it so quickly. You're an amazing person!


I got my first tarot deck a year ago. While I was fortunate enough to have a mentor at first to give me a good foundation, my most impactful resource was Beyond Worlds.

Tarot Tribe was my education. I learned the basics from a mentor, but my breadth of knowledge comes from this treasure trove of lessons and speakers. I'm constantly listening and learning. Even what books I study on my own, first came to me via BW.

I've met fabulous, experienced readers that've said I know more about the cards than they have in years (while still much better readers... that'll come to me in time). I only have Donnaleigh, her co-hosts and her work to thank for that.

Here's to forever learning.

- Ryan Edward

The writings of Enrique Enriquez and Scott Grossberg converted me from being totally averse to the Tarot to being absolutely in love with the Tarot.

Your podcast, however, is what ultimately sealed the deal, and kept me on the journey. Thanks for inspiring me week after week. The diverse perspectives and always inspirational insight have been so edifying whilst totally entertaining.

Thanks so much!

Rick Rea

Hello. I started memorizing the Lenormand deck yesterday. I had no idea my brain could do that. I can tell this is something that will stick with me for the rest of my life. I will think of your ideas (23 with mouse ears).  I am very grateful to you for this.


"Your work is remarkable." 

~Alex Hornedmoon

Hello Donnaleigh;


Just wanted to send the warmest thanks and blessings from a newbie tarotist in the UK. I've been following your podcasts for a short while and literally consuming the episodes, one after the other.

Thank you Donnaleigh and your co-hosts for such informed, illuminating and spirit lifting guidance on the craft and art of tarot. I didn't know that Tarot was such a soulful and spiritual practice and am truly blessed to have found such a wonderful community of Tarot lovers. Already I'm hooked! My small, (but emergent) collection of decks is growing, as too is my book collection. There's something magical about listening to people of wisdom, experience and depth, talk with such enthusiasm and knowledge.

Please express my profoundest thanks and appreciation to your co-hosts too. All of you are now part of my life, and I'm learning so much tarot from you all. Most of all, however, I'm experiencing your genuine spirit, and for that I thank you profoundly. In a world that sometimes seems to be full of dark disunity, it's truly wonderful to find so much good heartedness.

For some reason, and after a gap of many years, I re-ignited my interest in Tarot by buying a deck for my birthday, (the Universal Rider Deck), however, as a thorough going double Virgo, I then had to have some Practical instruction and discovered your podcast on iTunes. What I hadn't bargained on was the almost instant click that took place - it all fits!

I now spend a part of each day with my decks laid out, looking at the cards while listening to your podcasts. I'm having a blast and beginning to grasp the enormous scope of these seemingly innocent cards. Thank you for opening up this wonderful world, and lighting the pathway.

Thank You from my heart, and keep the guidance, uplift and humour coming! Loving every single minute Donnaleigh!


Blessings from the UK. With sincerest appreciation and thanks.

Silvia Wray, UK


Aeclectic Tarot